Our hair salon in The Hague: a unique experience

Finding a hair salon that meets your specific, personal wishes isn’t always easy. There are more than enough hair salons in The Hague, but where do you find one where the hair stylists actually listen to your specific demands and take the time for you, instead of already focusing on the next customer?

Central Hair Salon, located in the modern station hall in the center of the Hague, makes sure that your visit to the hair salon is a pleasant experience, every single time! We make sure to take care of your hair, keeping your personality and desired appearance in mind. Are you looking for a pleasant, professional experience when visiting a hair salon in The Hague? Don’t look any further! Central Hair Salon in The Hague provides you with a unique experience!

Is going to the hairdresser a ‘’feel good’’ experience to you? Then Central Hair Salon in The Hague is the place for you. Getting your hair done in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, while we make sure to treat your hair in the best possible way, using high-quality products. Besides, we always take into account your wishes, desired appearance and personality. You’ll be ensured of a haircut that meets your expectations.

Central Hair Salon in The Hague

Our goal is to make sure that everyone leaves our hair salon feeling satisfied. We are all familiar with that uncomfortable feeling of not being completely satisfied after getting a haircut. It might not the exact colour that you had in mind, or the hairdresser cut your hair slightly shorter than usual. Lucky for you, you no longer have to experience this feeling: at Central Hair Salon we will make sure that things like these don’t occur, by carefully listening to your specific desires.

Clumsy hairdressers, long waiting lists or bad service are history. At Central Hair Salon in The Hague, we take all the time we need to make you feel confident. Enjoy the view of the dynamic station hall of The Hague, while you’re escaping the crowd in our cosy, luxurious lounge.

Besides professionality, hygiene is of great importance. This means that in our hair salon in The Hague, you’re ensured of carefully cleaned and disinfected tools. For your safety and ours, we make sure that both working places and equipment are thoroughly cleansed before the next use. In order to guarantee hygiene, we use products from Barbicide, the number one in hair salon hygiene. Next to that, their products are environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.

Central Hair Salon in the Hague is exclusive partner of high quality brands in the beauty business such as Revlon and American Crew. Our product range consists of high-end products that offer luxury and quality, while being sustainable at the same time.

For an overview of our wide range of products and prices we would like to refer you to the prices page.

To make sure that you get the pleasant feeling of a nice, new haircut or look lasts as long as possible, we provide you with useful tips and tricks to implement to your routine at home. In this way, you are able to enjoy your new look as long as possible!

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Making an appointment in our hair salon in The Hague is easy, it only takes a few clicks on our website. Choose a date and a time that suits you and confirm your appointment. Good to know: it’s also possible to book an appointment with a hair stylist of your choice. We hope to welcome you soon in our hair salon in The Hague!

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